Find relays by their Function


Alarm Panels

Alarm Panels

Arc Flash Monitoring

Arc Fault Protection

Auto Reclose and Sync Check

Automatic reclosing of circuit breakers.

Current Protection

Current Monitoring Relays

Frequency Sensing

Frequency monitoring relays.

High Impedance Differential

High Impedance Protection

Phase Monitoring / Potential Selector

Phase Monitoring and Potential Selector Relays

Pilot Wire

Pilot Wire Supervision and DC Intertrip Systems

Relay Mounting Accessories

Cases, Racks, and other hardware

Test Blocks Systems

Test blocks and plugs allow easy Testing of Equipment and Substations

Timing Relays

Time delay relays

Transformer Regulation

Voltage Regulation and Tap Changer Control Relays

Trip, Auxiliary and Supervision

Auxiliary and Trip protection relays

Voltage Protection

Voltage Monitoring Relays