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uMATRIX Platform Downloads Page

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uMATRIX Software Downloads – Select Relay Model Above

This page provides access to the latest technical information and software downloads for uMATRIX platform relays.

The compatibility of a specific software application version with a hardware Type Number can be verified from the Compatibility.pdf document.

Go to the down load page for a specific relay type to access the latest software application .zip file(s).

The last 4 digits of each .zip file is the software version number which can be checked against the issue level of a relay’s software by accessing the DIAGNOSTICS page from the front panel. This is done by pressing the DATA and SET buttons simultaneously, moving the curser over “VERSION” and pushing SELECT. To load a .umx or .ump file you need to connect to the relays RS232 port using a PC with the uMATRIXwin software.




uMATRIXinfo.pdf uMATRIX User Guide


uMATRIX-S_info.pdf uMATRIX-S User Guide


uMATRIXwin_setup_5203.exe uMATRIXwin PC programming software.


Setting Files View historical relay setting files (.ump files)
CitectModbus.pdf Using Citect & Modbus protocol with the uMATRIX platform


Compatibility.pdf Check Compatibility of UMX Files with Hardware Versions


Comms_Test.ctz Citect Test Screen for all uMATRIX relay network comm. ports