• Low burden
  • Monitors CB in both open & closed condition
  • Contacts picked up for healthy supply condition contacts
  • Slug time delay
  • Hand reset flag indicator
  • 2 C/O contacts (Standard)
  • Draw out case
  • Equivalent function to MVAX21
  • 1TM10 specification

The operating element for the 6R MATRIX supervision relay functional elements are designated 6RX & are based on our 6R Series relays.

The operating element of the 6RX21 comprises a single 6R heavy duty attracted armature control relay with two operating coils wound on a single core.

Supervision is active with the circuit breaker in the open or closed position via the 52a & b auxiliary contacts.

Inbuilt time delays prevent false alarms due to normal delays in the tripping operation, circuit breaker state transition and voltage dips in the supply rail.

Under failure conditions a local hand reset flag operates and output alarm contacts change state.

Alstom: MVAX21