• „Low burden„
  • Contacts picked up for healthy trip coil condition
  • Slug time delay
  • „Hand reset flag indicator
  • „2 C/O contacts standard
  • „Draw out case
  • „Equivalent function to MVAX11
  • „1TM13 specification

The operating element for the 6R MATRIX supervision relay functional elements are designated 6RX & are based on our 6R Series relays.

The 6RX11 relay is designed to supervise trip relay circuits utilizing high burden trip relays such as the 6RJ & 2HSM series available from RMS.

The operating element of the 6RX11 comprises a single 6R heavy-duty attracted armature control relay with a single operating coil & delay slug. It has two dropping resistors of equal ohmic value, connected in series with the coil.

If the circuit being supervised becomes open circuited or if the supply fails, the relay will become reenergized and an alarm or visual indication will be given.

Alstom: MVAX11