• High speed operation „
  • High burden „
  • Self reset contacts „
  • Hand reset flag indicator
  • 20 contacts „
  • Equivalent function to MVAJ21 „
  • 2HSM520 specification

The 6RJ21 is a high burden relay suitable for application in high security circuit breaker tripping circuits & in particular where the initiating contact may be remote from the relay. The high burden may also allow the satisfactory operation of external series elements.

The 6RJ21 has a high burden to provide immunity to capacitance discharge currents & power to the coil is cut off at operation or is economized to a low figure to provide thermal protection.

High burden tripping relays are designed to withstand the 10uF capacitor discharge test such that the relay will not operate when a 10uF capacitor charged to 120% of nominal operating voltage is applied across the coil of the relay.

The high speed relay coil is automatically protected from thermal damage by an integrated economizing circuit once the relay contacts have picked up & latched.

The contacts & trip flag indication operate on application of a control voltage. Contacts are reset upon removal of the control voltage. The flag is reset using the front panel push button provided the contacts are in the reset position.

Alstom:  MVAJ201

Reyrolle: TRA212