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  • Synchronism Check (25)
  • Adjustable phase angle and time delay
  • Flexible Live and Dead Voltage configuration
  • Bus or Line U/V Close Block
  • Voltage Differential Close Block
  • Frequency Slip Close Block
  • Flexible Synchronism Check Bypass Logic
  • Manual Safe to Close Feature

The 2SY212 synchronism check relay is designed to measure the phase angle between the monitored single phase voltages on the line & bus sides of a circuit breaker & verify that this angle is less than setting. If the measured angle has met this criteria for the time period defined by setting & the voltage magnitudes meet the criteria established by the Live Line/Bus & U/V Line/Bus settings, the output relay will be energised & the breaker permitted to close. Resetting will occur if either the phase angle or voltage magnitude stray outside the pre-set limits or if the sync check enable input is de-energised. Front panel LED’s provide visual indication of relay status & sync check function. Bus or Line U/V, Differential Voltage and Frequency Slip Close block functionality together with flexible synchronism check bypass logic caters for a diverse range of applications.

The standard Micro MATRIX human machine interface (HMI) is combined with fully solid state measuring circuitry to provide high accuracy, simple set up & flexible operation. Self-monitoring is carried out by hardware & software watchdogs. High contact rating output relays are employed. A USB programming port is provided for ease of establishing relay settings using a PC. Front panel mounted LED’s provide visual indication of relay status & sync check function.

The compatibility of a specific software application version with a hardware Type Number can be verified from the Compatibility.pdf document.

Use the “Save File As” command to download the required ZIP file which contains four items:

.umx software file
.ump sample parameters setting file
.pdf functional description
.pdf Modbus allocation tables for network communications port

The last 4 digits of each .zip file is the software version number which can be checked against the issue level of a relay’s software by accessing the DIAGNOSTICS page from the front panel. This is done by pressing the DATA and SET buttons simultaneously, moving the curser over “VERSION” and pushing SELECT. To load a .umx or .ump file you need to connect to the relays RS232 port using a PC with the uMATRIXwin software.

2SY212-S Technical Bulletin

2SY212-S User Guide

uMATRIX Setting Files

View historical relay parameter setting (.ump) files


Application “A” Software, parameters & functional Description.


Application “B” Software, parameters & functional Description.