• ‘Finger safe’ test sockets suit standard or shrouded type 4mm banana plugs
  • Compatible with industry standard 14 circuit test blocks from Reyrolle – 2RMLG
  • Clear & concise front panel circuit identification
  • Test block obviates the need to disturb protective system wiring for testing purposes
  • Available with internal automatic CT shorting links
  • High current / voltage rating
  • Compact & economic design
  • Made in Australia

The 2RMLB-S Multi-Finger Test Plug is an evolution of the popular test plug employed with Reyrolle 2RMLG & Areva MMLG test blocks. The primary difference is the incorporation of ‘finger safe’ test sockets which allow the use of shrouded 4mm banana plugs. The 2RMLB-S test plug locates securely into the test block & can be retained by two knurled screws. Each of the 28 ‘finger safe’ test sockets on the 2RMLB-S accepts a 4mm shrouded or standard type test plug. Each test circuit is connected to a separate pair of terminals at the rear of the case.