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Delta 1A44 (pre-release)

  • Four alarm points
  • LED indication for each alarm point
  • Status input to initiate each alarm point
  • Repeat output contact for each alarm point
  • Common output contact
  • Flush panel, rack, surface or rail mount
  • Made in Australia


The 1A44 is a protection class station alarm panel with 4 alarm points. Each alarm point comprises a status input, red LED alarm indicator and a minimum of one repeat output contact. In addition to the 4 alarm points, a front mounted slide switch and status inputs are provided for alarm acknowledge and reset. A single common output contact is provided for operation of an external lamp or audible device. The 1A44 may be set by the user to function in accordance with eight different standard in-built configurations. Simple setting is achieved via a rotary selector switch accessible to the user at the front panel.


The Delta 1A44 Series Relay is a flexible and cost effective choice for the annunciation of alarms and operating events. The 1A44 provides 4 alarm points in a compact package and multiple units can be used for high density alarm applications.

The following examples represent typical alarm panel installations. Use the 1A44 alarm panel for indication of a wide variety of conditions including:

  • Transformer alarm panel;
  • Quantity high / low;
  • Timing status;
  • Intrusion / security status;
  • Device operational status;
  • Breaker / switch position;
  • Protection relay status;

A wide voltage range and standard features reduces the number of model variations. The Delta range is packaged in a size 2, 2U high case that may be flush panel, rack or rail mounted.

A plug in terminal block is provided to allow panel pre-wiring.