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Goto Reyrolle Protection web site



Reyrolle Protection & Control Relays

RMS is the exclusive Australian distributor for Reyrolle Protection & Control products.  


7SR11-12 Argus-C Compact Overcurrent Protection
7SR21-22 Argus-M Multi-function Overcurrent Protection
7SR224 Recloser-M Multi-function Recloser Controller
7SG11 Argus 1-6 Overcurrent Protection  
7SG117 Argus 7 Check Synchronising  
7SG118 Argus 8 Voltage & Frequency Protection  
7SG17 RHO 3 Motor Protection  
7SG12 DAD-N High Impedance Differential Protection  
7SR242 Duobias-M Multi-function Transformer Protection
7SG14 Duobias Transformer Protection  
7SG15 MicroTAPP Parallel Transformer Control  
7SG18 Solkor-N Pilot Wire Differential - Optic Fiber  
7PG21 Solkor RF Pilot Wire Differential - Copper  
7SG16 Ohmega Distance Protection  
7SG26 TAU Auto Reclosing and Synchronizing  
7SG22 IOTA Input/Output Module with Logic Programming
7SG23 MSCDN Capacitor Bank Protection  
7PG11 Alpha AR Auxiliary Relays  
7PG13 Alpha MR Measuring Relays  
7PG15 Alpha TR Trip Relays  
7PG17 Alpha XR Supervision Relays  
7SG24 Sigma Fibre Optic Communication Interface  
7XG22 2RMLB-S Multi Finger Test Plug
7XG22 2RMLG Test Block  
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  Brochure Reyrolle Summary Brochure  
  Reydisp Evolution Configuration Software Download V8.0.6.8

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