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Relay Monitoring Systems Pty Ltd (RMS) is a manufacturer of high standard electrical protection equipment applied in low, medium and high voltage applications by industrial power users and power utilities.

RMS is committed to the design, manufacture and supply of specialized relay equipment on time and free from defects.

It is the policy of RMS to continually strive for improved product quality and design, and to strengthen the company's established markets by supplying products that fit the customers needs and expectations. Every employee at RMS has a responsibility toward the achievement of quality and reliability for the products and services offered. "Making it right the first time" is the overall objective for every operation.

Communication is an essential part of company policy, which means keeping all personnel informed of changes in direction and technology. Quality must be built into every product right from the start. In-built quality begins with quality planning at the time of customer enquiry, through conception and design, order processing, manufacturing, testing, packing, delivery and service.

RMS maintains a quality system meeting the international standard AS/NZS ISO 9001-2008 and is committed to meeting statutory requirements and encouraging long term quality improvements throughout the Company that will exceed the requirements of this Standard.

The Company's long term quality objectives are to improve manufacturing efficiency and progressively tighten product performance specifications.

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Due to the critical nature of the function performed by protection relays, the selection of equipment with the appropriate reliability and performance commensurate with the system needs is a demanding task. The experience and capabilities of the manufacturer of protection relays as well as the field service reputation of the equipment under consideration is, therefore, of prime importance.


Designed and manufactured to endure the rigours of sub-station environments over extended periods.
All major components and assemblies produced by RMS enable control of the production process and minimize lead times.
A wide variety of models, options and customer adjustments as well as full custom designs to meet specific field requirements.
Manufactured in Australia and efficiently distributed to the end user.
Designed to provide dependable operation in harsh electrical environments and to discriminate between genuine system faults and transients.



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