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M Series Modular Case System

The M Series range of protection relay enclosures has been designed with flexibility in mind. Only three versions are required to meet a wide range of applications. Both the size 2 & size 4 case are suitable for both flush panel & 19 inch 4U high rack mounting. The design utilizes a draw out chassis for ease of installation & maintenance. M4 screw terminals with captive lock washers are provided with optional CT shorting switches. The M Series cases are of metal construction for durability & screening from radiated electrical noise. Select from three versions as follows:

  • 2M28  Size 2 28 terminals 1/8 width 4U high

  • 4M28  Size 4 28 terminals 1/4 width 4U high

  • 4M56  Size 4 56 terminals 1/4 width 4U high

    -S Short Cases from August 2005

    From August 2005 the M Series case range was reduced in length by 18mm to 217mm & is indicated in the product case drawings by the -S code (For example 2M28-S indicates a “short” case version).

    This change has the effect of increasing the space between the case terminals & the rear of the cubicle. When mounted in a swing door the reduced case length is a distinct advantage.

    Refer to the specific product Technical Bulletins to determine the case length. When purchasing replacement modules it is important to check the case length required. This can be done by quoting the old module serial number to the factory.

    Rack Mounting

    Cases of different sizes may be mixed on the same 4U high rack up to the full width (19 inch) maximum. e.g.. 4 x size 2 + 2 x size 4 would fill one 4U high 19 inch rack row. Alternatively the cases may be flush or projection mounted as necessitated by the panel design.


    • Suitable for 19 inch, 4U high rack mounting

    • Suitable for flush panel mounting
    • M4 screw terminations
    • Stud termination possible
    • Simple screw (M4) mounting from front of panel
    • Projection & semi-projection mounting possible
    • 4U high 19" rack mounting frame available
    • Size 2, 4 & 8 blanking plates
    • CT shorting switches available
    • Sealable front cover
    • IP5x category 2 dust protected
    • IP4x rated for solid ingress
    • Rugged metal construction
    • Made in Australia

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