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Welcome to Relay Monitoring Systems Pty Ltd (RMS)

The following is an overview of the products available from RMS. A detailed product catalogue is available on request, or can be downloaded from this website in PDF format - RMS Products and Services Profile

The new factory

Relay Monitoring Systems Pty Ltd (RMS) is an Australian owned and operated company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality electrical engineering products. Major product types include:

  • Auxiliary and Tripping Relays
  • Test Blocks
  • Arc Flash Protection
  • Utility Grade Protection and Control Relays
  • Industrial Controls and Pilot Lamps
  • On Board Railway Relays, CB's and Panel Meters

Our depth of manufacturing and engineering expertise is backed up by over 45 years of experience since the formation of our predecessor, Relays Pty Ltd (RPL), in 1955. This experience, combined with a broad base of field-proven product types, enables RMS to service specific customer needs by producing relay SPECIALS on demand and with lead times which are at the short end of industry expectations.

RMS staff are focused and committed to the company's core business activity of..

Delivering custom electrical protection equipment on time

and free from defects.

As a small to medium size company without any ties to large consolidated enterprises, RMS is your competent, flexible and reliable partner.

Designed and manufactured to endure the rigours of sub-station environments over extended periods.
All major components and assemblies produced by RMS enable control of the production process and minimise lead times.
A wide variety of models, options and customer adjustments as well as full custom designs to meet specific field requirements.
Manufactured in Australia and efficiently distributed to the end user.
Designed to provide dependable operation in harsh electrical environments and to discriminate between genuine system faults and transients.

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