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2V67 Four Stage Voltage Relay

The 2V67-S Series relay is a three pole voltage monitoring relay with four stages of adjustable voltage pick up & drop out points. Each voltage set point can be set for under or overvoltage operation & has an independent time delay driving an output relay. An undervoltage lockout is used to disable the four voltage outputs when the voltage falls below a preset level. A single status input is used to enable the four voltage sensing stages. The 2V67-S relay is built on the Micro MATRIX-S digital platform.

The standard Micro MATRIX human machine interface (HMI) is combined with fully solid state voltage sensing & measuring circuitry to provide high accuracy, simple set up & flexible operation. Self-monitoring is carried out by hardware & software watchdogs. A CPU software watchdog records abnormal events & performs automatic High speed, high contact rating output relays are employed. A USB programming port is provided for ease of establishing relay settings using a PC.


  • Large STN graphics LCD
  • System status LED indicators
  • Simple menu setting procedure
  • 40-300V DC aux. supply
  • 40-275V AC aux. supply
  • 20-70V DC aux. Optional
  • Self diagnosis & fail alarm
  • Size 4 case
  • Made in Australia
  • 80 to 130V PU setting range
  • 0.1V setting resolution
  • Adjustable pick up & drop out
  • Adjustable reset time delay
  • 63.5/110V AC nominal VT inputs
  • Zero to 99.9s time delayed output with +0.5% accuracy
  • Four independent setting stages & output trip contact
  • Timing & trip indication LED's
  • Relay enable input
  • Line voltage display
  • Relay status display
  • USB PC link
  • Non platform specific PC programming software
  • Optical isolated RS485 network port
  • MODBUS RTU compatible network protocol










Changes introduced on the 2V67-S

  • Case length reduced by 18mm to suit 4M56-S case;

  • LED backlighting to reduce EMC emissions contrast adjustment no longer required;

  • Front panel USB programming port to increase data transfer speed and improve compatibility with notebook PCs;

  • Network communications port is now optional to maintain low cost of base model;

  • Network communication port maintained the optically isolated RS485 serial port but the RS232 configuration option has been deleted;

  • New current and voltage channels to improve measurement stability;

  • New status input option covering 18-275V AC and 300V DC range;

  • Updated switchmode power supply to reduce EMC emissions and improve transient overload protection;

  • Surface mount production technology to allow increased component density for additional functionality now and in the future.

What has not changed from the 2V67

  • I/O and basic functionality has been maintained;

  • Basic menu structure and operation has been maintained;

  • Electrical terminal mapping has not changed allowing existing wiring diagrams to be maintained;

  • Compatibility with existing application software back to version 0500 maintained;

  • Compatibility with existing uMATRIXwin programming software maintained;

  • Modbus RTU network communication protocol maintained Case size 4 has been maintained although the length has been reduced.

  • Made in Australia



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